Baptism and Engagement

Busy day, relatively speaking, as I had two appointments: a baptism at 10 a.m. and an engagement session at 2:00.

Shot with available light for most of the baptism—kind of nice, being right next to a window.

For the engagement I threw the Softlighter II onto my Einstein. The background is being lit by two AlienBees resting on the back of my couch just behind. Need to rig it so I can hang those from the ceiling. The Softlighter II was set at one stop below max power, enabling these to be shot at ISO 125, f/11, at about 4 feet distance.

Don’t they look fantastic?

The sledge hammer is a nice touch, if I say so myself. I have it lying around in case of need. Some things just won’t give way unless you sledge them a little!

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