Precision Camera in Austin

Precision Camera panoramaFor many years I have been getting almost all of my prints made at Precision Camera. I think they are the only camera store left in Austin. They offer a good balance between high quality and low price. This is their new location on Anderson Lane just west of Burnet Road. Much bigger than the old place at 38th and Lamar.

I never remember to move my tripod bag out of these 180ยบ panoramas . . .

This is 36 images (9 across by 4 high) done with a 50mm lens. ISO 500, f/16, 1/8th sec.


2 thoughts on “Precision Camera in Austin

  1. Do you use the “open in Photoshop as a pano” option in lightroom? Cuz damn if that isn’t the most awesome thing in the world.

  2. Didn’t even know such a thing existed . . . I use Lightroom (and I eat ribs) but I’m sure I’m not using half its power. Still using an old version of PTGui.

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